Monday, January 16, 2012

The curious case of Brodus Clay, part 2

After getting a week to fully digest Brodus Clay's return, I've come to two conclusions.

Let me explain. Back in, oh, November, when WWE started hyping his return to the main stage, he was advertised as big scary dude, as he was last time we saw him. I think perhaps if they didn't show us these promos, I would have liked Clay's new character. It's a character type that's worked in the past and is missing today.

Obviously, his return was delayed because someone decided they didn't need another big scary dude with Kane returning. The writers and Clay had to come up with a new character, or Clay would just have to hang in the background, aka Superstars.

So, we get the "Funkasaurus." That's the first thought.

Second thought is, what if his gimmick is to just shock us with a totally different persona each week? Maybe he will be big and scary and will crush Perez Hilton tonight. Maybe Clay's character will be scary because you'll never know which personality you're facing each night.

If that's it, I'll be impressed, and I'm sure we will all be waiting to see Clay each week. This second thought also gives him the ability to be a main eventer someday with, "control" over his personalities.

If it is just the first idea, I do like it-- we need more fun mixed in.


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