Monday, October 17, 2011

Hogan's back, Jack!

Last night's Bound for Glory event in Philly was off the charts, according to those folks we talked to who attended. The highlight of the crazy night was Hulk Hogan returning to his red and yellow roots to rescue Sting from an Immortal beatdown.

Sting won the match to return the company to Dixie Carter, and the Hulkster came to his aid when Eric Bischoff's goons came down to finish off The Icon.

Thursday's Impact broadcast should be quite interesting.

Velvet Sky won the Knockouts title for the first time ever, putting the titles in both major wrestling companies in the hands of the women voted sexiest in their respective brands. (Kelly Kelly is the WWE Divas champ.)

Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy did battle in between matches, and with Hardy being on the poster for the next PPV, chances are he's getting that last chance.

Kurt Angle retained the world title over Bobby Roode with a little trickery mixed in, but those in attendance said it was a heck of a showdopwn.

Chris Daniels said "I Quit" to AJ Styles, then attacked him after the match. This rivalry is not going anywhere for a while.

When you look at the whole picture, TNA had a great pay-per-view that was set up by months of building rivalries through twists and turns. Meanwhile, WWE is sending out John Cena to wrestle Alberto Del Rio for the title again. Yawn.


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