Monday, September 26, 2011

What should we see on WWE TV?

Earlier this month, WWE announced the WWE Network is coming in 2012. Fans will finally have one place to watch "greatest matches, moments and Superstars in sports entertainment history."

Since then, some have received a survey with hints to what the network hopes to offer. The survey allegedly asks viewers if they would be willing to upgrade their package for a network with new shows mixed with repeats of Raw and Smackdown and classic programming. Also mentioned are two new in-ring wrestling programs, a daily live interactive program like ESPN's Sportscenter and the four major Pay-Per-Views.

Of course, all this is beginning thoughts. There is no guarantee that all of this will happen, in fact, I think it's doubtful the PPVs will move for financial reasons.

However, the WWE Network cannot survive on Royal Rumble marathons. The following are new programs the WWE should consider for their lineup:

- JR's BBQ, the cooking show. Who better than the man who makes the best BBQ sauce to teach us how to cook? Divas can guest star as guest assistants. (okay, there is information someone else will have the cooking show: New Orleans LA : WWE developing a cooking show with The Big Show and his wife Bess)

- Piper's Pit and The Cutting Edge talk shows. Only Roddy Piper and Edge can replace Oprah in the talk show realm.

- Behind the Curtain, a news magazine show. This would be a 60 minutes-type show (I seem to remember WWE doing something similar in the past). Of course, Mean Gene would have to be involved, as well as the current backstage interviewers. I prefer this concept to a SportsCenter-type show because I think they could create more powerful material for this.

- Florida Championship Wrestling, a reality show. Yes, I would put a few of the future Superstars in a beach house in Clearwater Beach, Fla., and have cameras follow them as they interact and train to become the next star. The show would include a match featuring one of the stars. This will help with WWE's goal of getting the public to know the future talent so they can really give them that big push when they hit the big stage.

- The Real Housewives of the WWE, a reality show. This is a play on the The Real Housewives series on Bravo. Actually, the WWE probably cannot legally use the "The Real Housewives" name. The show will probably have to take place in Tampa, and would give us a look into the lives of the families our favorite Superstars leave behind as they go on the road.

Well, do you have any better ideas?


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