Friday, September 9, 2011

Another shot?

Jeff Hardy is sorry.

On March 13, Hardy was scheduled to wrestle one of his childhood inspirations, Sting, at TNA's Victory Road. It was to be an epic match. Unfortunately, it was epic for the wrong reasons.

Hardy showed up to the arena that night apearring to be severely under the influence of something. He made it out to the ring, but the match only lasted 90 seconds because of Hardy's impaiment, disappointing both the fans and the idol.

The "Enigma" was told to go home once again for his issues-- in 2003, he was released for the WWE for drug and behavior issues, and in 2005 was released from TNA for no show issues.

Last night, ironically on the same day Hardy pleaded guilty to and was sentenced for drug charges from 2009, he made his return to the wrestling stage and briefly asked for forgiveness.

"I can't expect you or the guys in the back to give me another shot," Hardy said. "But I can ask for one."

As with any highly talented athlete who gets in trouble, I'm sure he'll get that shot from the company and the fans. The trouble, I believe, will be from the locker room. He will have to convince them he's turned his life around and prove to them another Victory Road will never happen again. He will have to regain their trust and respect.

I hope he can regain that trust and respect, and that he stays away from drugs. If he goes back down the wrong road, I fear writing his obit won't be far behind.


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