Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Smackdown comes to Tuesday

As you have probably heard, Smackdown will air live Tuesday, Aug. 30 on Syfy. The show is being called "SuperSmackdown Live."

How super will it be?

Well, just in case, I guess, the episode will re-air at the usual Friday time slot.

The bigger deal is the other news that broke the same day WWE announced its Smackdown plan-- UFC is coming to Friday nights.

The Ultimate Fighter will air on Fox's FX network on Fridays as part of a deal between UFC and Fox. Not only that, but the show is being revamped, with one live fight each week.

Does this mean the WWE fears UFC more than TNA? Or was it just a coincidence?

Throughout the Internet, people are speculating Smackdown's Tuesday special is a test to see if the show would be viable on Tuesdays, if they decide to make the move before or when UFC comes to Friday nights.

While Smackdown is a heavy hitter for the Syfy network, it is still the little brother to Raw. It gets so bad, not even the announcers really seem interested in what's going on in the ring. Raw talents are appearing on the special, but would that really show the impact Smackdown can make on Tuesday nights?

No. It appears to be a facade for the WWE, and an experiment for Syfy. Syfy fears FX. Vince fears no one. (Happy Birthday, Vince!)


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