Friday, June 10, 2011

Social media hype?

Have you seen the Ultimate Warrior's video bashing Hulk Hogan yet? If you haven't watch it now:

Okay, my assessment is either Warrior (his legal name, by the way, in case you missed that news during the time it was rumored he was dead...) is hyping a rivalry with Hogan for TNA, or he is using Hogan to hype whatever other television return he is referring to.

If this is for TNA, would Hogan really allow these allegations to be made about him? Why not? I mean, it is over the top enough to be believable as fiction, and really, it isn't that far off from the Angle/Jarrett storyline.

Plus, Hulkamania is so wild that the fans will stick behind Hogan no matter what is said about him, and he's been around long enough that he knows that.

On Hogan's Twitter and Facebook, Hogan does seem to be referencing the "negativity" daily, another clue he may be in on it.

However, if Warrior is just using Hogan (and, as a result, the death of Randy Savage), then I feel sorry for the man.

On another note of social media, the WWE have had a lot to say about Natalya and Rosa's match at the Smackdown taping Tuesday. Apparently, Rosa had a wardrobe malfunction.

I have a feeling, even though we all know we would never see anything on TV, there will be a few more viewers tonight. Unfortunately, it is my understanding the Divas' match was a dark match, but I guess it could make the air if the editing team realizes the attention it got through Twitter.


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