Monday, April 11, 2011

Getting Tough

Tough Enough is back. Really back. Just the way I remember it, except someone bigger and balder is running things.

The show that launched the career of John Morrison (who I picked from Day 1 as winning it all way back when) and a few others (Maven, Chris Nowinski and Jackie Gayda-Haas, notably) who had great, yet temporary, runs.

Yes, The Miz will tell you he was on Tough Enough, but he was on a watered-down version on Smackdown which resembled NXT more than Tough Enough.

(FYI- Announcer Josh Mathews was also on Tough Enough, runner-up to Maven and Nidia on the first season.)

I don't know about you, but I was so excited after seeing the premiere of Tough Enough, I downloaded the app for my phone. The app doesn't even give me the names of the contestants with their photos, but it's pretty sweet to have Stone Cold in some way on my phone... But, I'm sidetracking...

Let's first talk about the first elimination. If I was one of those kids in the ring with Stone Cold talking to me the way he was, I'd either laugh and get in more trouble, or bleeped my pants (as Stone Cold revealed he did in a match with Yokozuma). Arianne did deserve to leave, especially if she wasn't acting. Seriously, Alicia Fox and Melina? Even if you just started watching and are only interested in Divas, there were definitely better matches to list. I don't know how you get into a competition like this and don't prepare yourself by researching and watching.

Which brings me to the other two. I don't know how you get into a competition like this and don't prepare yourself physically.

I think if Michelle had described her "11 years experience" better, perhaps everyone wouldn't have been so hard on her. (Of course, if she mentioned during that time she was a contestant on America's Next Top Model, it probably wouldn't have helped...) But, if you are a little rusty, don't you think you should find a way to chip off some of that rust before being filmed for national television?

And, Eric... Eric, Eric, Eric... if he doesn't prove his heart is in it tonight through his actions, I fear he is in danger of going home.

My favorites right now are Luke, Andy, Christina and Ivelisse. Luke is definitely the most impressive right now. That doesn't mean someone with less experience than these four will learn quickly and impress us all, or that Luke's partying will catch up to him...

Don't forget Tough Enough moves to its regular time tonight-- 8 pm, just before Raw on USA.


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