Sunday, March 20, 2011

Monday Night DVR

We all know Raw is on Monday night, but apparently two shows featuring WWE stars may not be aware their guests' audiences will have their eyes on USA...

First, former WWE Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho will perform his debut dance on Dancing with the Stars on ABC sometime in their 2-hour premiere starting at 8 pm. If I understand correctly, the contestants are each doing two dances on the premiere, so we may get to see Jericho's first dance before Raw starts at 9 pm, and will just have to tape the second hour to see his second.

Which brings us to our next competitor to Raw-- Jersey's own Cake Boss on TLC at 9 pm. Who could be getting an extreme cake? Why, Santino Marella, of course. Fortunately, TLC re-airs all their shows later the same night for the West Coast, so you can tape the midnight episode of Cake Boss so it doesn't interfere with Raw/Dancing with Jericho.

With WrestleMania 27 getting closer, expect the guest appearances to get crazier and more conflicting. If you find an upcoming appearance, make sure I know about it by e-mailing me at


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