Monday, March 14, 2011

Jeff Hardy strikes again

There's plenty going wrong in the wrestling business lately, but the latest black eye comes from a familiar source.

There was plenty of speculation about Sunday night's big scandal at TNA Victory Road, where Sting beat Jeff Hardy in 88 seconds.


That's pretty amazing for a 52-year-old guy, even for The Icon. The rumor around the internet world is that Hardy was in "no condition to wrestle." From his checkered past of drug arrests and suspensions, you can make your own conclusions there.

The question is, when does Hardy run out of chances? When does he become Scott Hall and just get ostracized from TV wrestling for good? (I should never say for good, since Hall always seems to re-emerge, too, but maybe for good.)

Sting was allegedly seen agreeing with the fans that the match was "bulls**t."

In any case, the folks who bought that pay-per-view or a ticket to the show got stiffed out of their money.

Hardy, meanwhile, has a court date coming up. No telling what his future is, but TNA takes a big hit here and is relying on a declining Sting's residual pop from NOT going to WWE to keep them afloat.


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