Monday, March 28, 2011

WrestleMania: Special Matches

Like I mentioned yesterday, there are some special guests for WrestleMania, and they are getting in the ring.

First, Stone Cold Steve Austin will be the special guest referee for Jerry Bawler's WrestleMania debut against Michael Cole.

Now, I think we all know that no matter who wins, somebody is getting stunned. We know Jack Swagger, who will be in Cole's corner, will do his best to interfere. However, the rest is all questions.

What happens to the announce team after this match? Why do we have announcers in a match?

Well, I believe one answer is one of the biggest heels in the company is Cole. I mean, the only person hated more by the fans is Vickie Guerrero. You don't repay your biggest heels by keeping them in the background at WrestleMania.

Which brings me to the other special match of the night. Vickie will be escorting Dolph Ziggler and Laycool to the ring when they take on Snooki, Trish Stratus and John Morrison in a mixed tag match.

Snooki says she wants to have a career as a WWE Diva when her Jersey Shore commitment is complete, and this will be her chance to show us what she's got.

Oh, and we get some Stratusfaction.

I think with the combination of Trish and Morrison in the match, we'll be blown away. Really, because of the two of them and their talent in the ring, I'm betting this will be a match we'll remember when we think back to this WrestleMania.

So, who will win?

In Lawler vs. Cole, I predict the King will win simply because he's been beaten down enough over the past two months and this appears to be the finale in their story.

In the mixed tag, I'm actually taking the heels. I think this is the beginning of their story and they'll continue to use Trish to build the hype for Tough Enough. Yes, the good guys will overpower in the ring, but the bad guys being bad guys will somehow use Vickie to interfere and get the win.


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