Sunday, March 27, 2011

WrestleMania confusion

WrestleMania 27 looks pretty awesome if you just look at the special names involved: The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Trish Stratus and Snooki.

Unfortunately, the biggest match being hyped, well, isn't on the card.

Every week since The Rock was announced as guest host of WrestleMania, you'd think the main event was Rock vs. John Cena. The promos have been entertaining, and it gives the Cena haters someone who is not a heel to cheer.

But, The Miz is champion. And, although it appears he needs to be carried in the ring, promos are what he's good at.

So, I'm confused. Why is The Rock filling in for someone who is actually good at what they do for this stage in game?

Recently, The Miz made clear he didn't want to be ignored. Unfortunately, I think the WWE missed out on an opportunity to prevent The Miz from being ignored.

The Rock said he would like to get in the ring again. So, why aren't they going with the match they're promoting? Why is The Rock simply a guest host instead of giving us what we want to see now. Is The Rock under contract with somebody else through WrestleMania preventing him from activity which could injure him?

That's the only thing I can think of.

If I were Vince McMahon, my main event title match would be my champion, The Miz, vs. John Morrison and the non-title match leading in would be Rock vs. Cena.

Yes, on paper Rock vs. Cena is a bigger match because they are who the fans are paying to see, but Morrison will make them stay to see the end with outstanding moves. I believe I've said before he is the new Shawn Michaels, and no matter what comes before him, he is ready to steal the show.

And, as a result, next year, it will be The Miz and Morrison we are paying to see. (but, you know, against other guys, not each other again) WrestleMania is where your star rises.

If you saw Morrison face The Miz back in January, you know how great a rematch of these two future stars of the company (and, yeah, I know Miz is champ and, therefore a star, but Sheamus was also champ once, and with the way he's being treated, the future ain't here yet) could have been at WrestleMania.

I was sick to stomach watching Morrison last week on Raw wondering why his talent was being wasted on a match involving Snooki as one of his teammates. (Yes, he gets to spend time with Trish, which is a plus for him, I'm sure, but I think spending time as WWE Champion would be sweeter...)

Did Morrison piss off the wrong person? What does he have to do to prove himself other than what he's already done? What does The Miz have do to prove he doesn't need The Rock or Cena to sell his match? Why does he even have the belt if the confidence isn't there to back him up?

In closing, WWE, yes, we love the stars we grew up with, but if you don't give us a chance to love the future, you might as well have Hulk Hogan in the ring every week.


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