Monday, April 4, 2011

WrestleMania: The Day After

Should the Raw after WrestleMania be a better production than the 4-hour you paid for the night before? It usually is a pretty good episode, but it has the potential of stealing the show from the night before...

What messed up the biggest event in sports entertainment?

- The Rock. Yes, The Rock. He restarted the WWE Championship match only to end it by his own hands faster than it took him to tell the Raw GM it didn't matter what he thought.

- The 8-Man Tag match was about, oh, 8 seconds in length. Why was Kofi even put in to replace Kozlov if that going to happen anyway?

- No one was put over. In fact, if anything, the results and the way they happened, only hurt the guys' credibility.

- The "stars" at the end of the night- The Rock, The Undertaker and Snooki- aren't regulars.

- The US Championship match became a dark match, and eventually turned into a match in which the title wasn't contested.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all bad. So, what went right?

- Jim Ross came back to announce for one night only. JR tweeted he was asked to perform on Saturday. We're glad he was in town for Axxess, because it was nice hearing JR teamed with Jerry Lawler calling the matches (at least the last few matches).

- Taker's streak is still alive. And, as expected, the match was the highlight of the night.

- The second best match was the World Heavyweight Championship match. Unfortunately, this match was the opening match.

Match Results:
Edge def. Alberto Del Rio, retaining World Heavyweight Championship
Cody Rhodes def. Rey Mysterio
Big Show, Kane, Santino and Kofi Kingston def. The Corre
Randy Orton def. CM Punk
Jerry Lawler def. Michael Cole, but Raw GM changed results to Cole winning by DQ
The Undertaker def. Triple H
The Miz def. John Cena

Don't forget tonight is WWE night on USA. Hall of Fame Ceremony is at 8 pm. Raw, featuring The Rock and the debut of Sin Cara, starts at 9 pm. Then, following Raw at (or sometime after) 11 pm, is the premiere of Tough Enough with Host Stone Cold Austin and Trainers Trish Stratus, Booker T and Bill Demott.


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