Thursday, March 31, 2011

WrestleMania: Leftovers, part 2

We all knew what The Big Show would be doing April 3 when Wade Barrett attacked him on that first Smackdown of January. But, did we know Kane would be thrown in the mix?

How about Santino and Kozlov?

Okay, why is Money in the Bank a separate PPV again?

The Nexus was quickly becoming a great heel stable. Then, it sort of branched out to creating The Corre. On Smackdown.

Which would have been great if Undertaker was healthy...

If you remember, Taker has a reason to not be happy with the former members of The Nexus since it was they who attacked him causing him to be buried alive in his match with Kane over the summer.

So, why isn't Taker's streak up against The Corre? It would make more sense than Triple H right now, and allow next year's possible 20-0 to be against the bigger name Triple H.

It may be because Taker had just started physical therapy in January and it was uncertain what his WrestleMania status would be. Plus, if you are injured, you don't want to be wrestling against someone fresh out of the gate-- you want someone who's experienced and is smart in the ring, and nobody fits those qualifications more than Triple H.

So, The Corre is in a back-up match with good supporting guys. Who wins?

Doesn't The Corre have to win to solidify their status? Plus, we already saw Kane join Big Show, Kozlov and Tamina in Santino's celebration dance on Raw this week.

I mean, if The Corre wants to be big and bad enough to be Taker's 20th victim, they have to win Sunday night.


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