Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WrestleMania: Reunion Special

Ten years ago, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin were headlining WrestleMania X-7. The match leading into theirs was a never-before-seen-in-a-PPV match of The Undertaker taking on Triple H.

Wait, so does that mean this year's WrestleMania is a reunion of sorts? Does that also mean Triple H will see the same fate?

Well, some things are different. Ten years ago, it was Taker who challenged Triple H after he complained that he should be in the main event since he had beaten everyone on the roster. Taker reminded him that wasn't true, and eventually we had our second biggest match for the PPV.

This year, Triple H is challenging Taker's record-- one, in fact, buddy Shawn Michaels attempted breaking twice...

That WrestleMania was the one Triple H got Motorhead to perform his entrance theme live. Triple H went through the Spanish announce table. While the ref was unconscious, a sledgehammer, steel chair and even the scaffolding got involved.

This year, the two are in a No Holds Barred Match. So, a lot can happen. We may even see Taker's Hell's Gate hold...

So, will it end with Johnny Cash playing? Yes. Really, do you think a win for Triple H is more important than keeping Taker's record intact? Plus, Triple H is a McMahon, and McMahons rarely win at WrestleMania...


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