Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fearing Chyna?

On Friday, not long after the Impact show aired and Chyna was revealed to be Kurt Angle's partner, Karen Jarrett "injured" her ankle during or after shopping.

By Saturday, she was doubting her ability to compete due to her injury. (Karen and Jeff Jarrett are facing Angle and Chyna tonight at Sacrifice...)

One fan posting on Facebook described Karen's ailment as "Chyna Syndrome."

Granted, sacrificing Karen to Chyna is like feeding Alicia Fox to Kharma (too soon, Ariane?), but Chyna's physique isn't exactly a wonder anymore.

From what I've read, Chyna doesn't have a contract with TNA, just some sort of handshake agreement. This way, if she messes up in her personal life, TNA can send her straight back to Dr. Drew and wash their hands clean of her.

I hope Chyna looks good in the ring tonight and she stays away from the bad influences floating around the TNA locker room. I'd rather see her in a wrestling ring than on a reality show.


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