Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wrestling with name changes

Several years ago, after The World Wildlife Fund discovered the World Wrestling Federation not only existed, but was widely known by the same acronym they were known by, the wrestling company was urged to "get the F out."

Since then, the company's name has been World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE.

That is, until about a month ago.

In case you didn't notice, Vince McMahon decided to get the wrestling out of the name... the company is now simply WWE Entertainment, encompassing all forms of entertainment. The letters apparently no longer stand for any words.

Meanwhile, TNA has a name change on board. Today, Hulk Hogan tweeted, "No TNA. only IMPACT."

Or, more fully, Impact Wrestling.

There was some confusion over the Internet on whether it was the company changing its name, or just the show. However, Hogan appears to believe it's the company with the name change.

I find it interesting both companies are attempting identity changes at the same time. I'm sure TNA is just playing copycat again (ie Taker/Sting).

But, does this mean WWE will give us more mixed general entertainment shows with a smattering of actual wrestling, like Monday's Raw with The Rock's party? And TNA-- or Impact-- will provide us with shows rich with wrestling?

And, is this a good thing or a bad thing?

I must admit, Monday's show was quite entertaining. Unfortunately, there are already too many guys on Heat, um, I mean Superstars, and these Raw shows with less matches may end up pushing even more guys to the Thursday night abyss.

Then again, guys who can find other ways to entertain, like Zack Ryder (check out his Z True Long Island Story series on You Tube), may get a push which does not involve work in the ring.

Can WWE survive as a variety show built around wrestlers who only sometimes wrestle?

I'm sure it will survive, but it will also give a push to Impact and the indys as long as they continue to provide the non-stop action wrestling...


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