Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Injury Stunner

Last night's episode of Tough Enough saw the end of a potential winner's run due to injury. It closed with the possible end due to injury for the last female standing.

This season of Tough Enough is already has the highest number of casualties from injury, and there still four (or five, if Christina's injury is not serious) competitors left.

On the original series, two people had to drop out for injury each of the three seasons. In 2001, Paulina left because of severe leg and knee injuries, while Greg left with three herniated discs. On Season 2, Matt tore a ligament in his right knee and Alicia left because of an injury preventing her to continue. In John Morrison's season, Nick suffered a shoulder injury and Kelly suffered a back injury.

Even though it was not disclosed in the show, Rima explained later a broken rib prevented her from performing to her full potential. In an extra video, Trainer Bill DeMott is seen telling Rima he can see she is injured. In the same episode with that training session, Rima is eliminated.

Ivelisse suffered a leg sprain after a weak leapfrog from Christina. She pushed herself to continue, but the trainers eliminated her because of her injury.

Martin fractured his ankle on "freak slip." Although he tried to convince himself, the trainers and medic otherwise, the doctor told him he could not continue with the competition.

Later that day in the skills challenge, Christina injures her ankle when AJ doesn't react properly when she jumps off the top rope. Even though I didn't think Christina was the strongest remaining, much less the strongest of women in the competition, I'd hate to see the last woman leave because of an injury.

It will be interesting to see if the injuries change the training in the remaining three episodes, especially since the skills challenge was cut short after Christina's injury. It will also be interesting to see if USA Network requests changes to the show in upcoming seasons after seeing all these injuries.

The most important thing is the show is emphasizing why you shouldn't "try this at home."


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