Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"With Child"

The technical difficulties at the beginning of the show were nothing compared to major technical difficulty of the night: Kharma, aka Kia Stevens, is pregnant.

Kharma's WWE career was just beginning, and it's obvious with the month-long build-up to her debut, great things were expected from her.

It is unknown if the former TNA Knockout Champion (then known as Awesome Kong) ever would have held the Divas Championship, but her impact on the Divas division was already being felt. She was the return of the anti-Diva.

Before leaving the ring last night, Kharma vowed a return in a year's time with The Bellas in her sights.

As of now, I see no indication she was released from her contract. In the past, few, if any women, have returned to the roster after giving birth. Dawn Marie is one example of a Diva released from her contract while on maternity leave.

In fact, Kharma's size, which has caused to work harder to prove herself, may actually make her return easier. She doesn't have be perfect-looking when she returns... as long as she can physically handle the work, she'll be okay to perform, and the extra weight will come off when it comes off.

I fear that with her departing, the Divas will just feel stale, no matter how hard they work the crowd.


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