Sunday, August 14, 2011

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Have you ever tweeted @WWE or used the hashtag #Raw? Perhaps you are ready to search the Twitterverse for #SummerSlam info tonight?

Well, you are not alone.

It appears WWE's placement of hashtags and Twitter accounts throughout Raw is working. According to social media tracker Trendrr, WWE's Raw was one of the most social shows on television for the month of July.

Out of all cable television shows, Raw was in second place, with 7% of the share of social voice. True Blood was in first with 10%. In comparison, the top broadcast show was Glee with 31%. (FYI-- looks like if they didn't separate broadcast and cable, True Blood and Raw both would have still been in the top 5 at four and five, respectively)

During any WWE broadcast, the trend list on Twitter almost always includes something from the show throughout the two the hours the show is on the air. Now, I'm also sure that whole CM Punk thing with loads of new information spreading over the Internet didn't hurt Raw's presence on the list.

According to the article posted on, the data is complied from public profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Miso and Get Glue.


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