Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What now?

Raw ended with everyone, from Superstars to cameramen walking out on Triple H.

So, what happens now?

Will no one show up next Monday? Will Triple H air Blade Trinity on the JumboTron? Perhaps he'll choose to subject us to The Chaperone or Inside Out.

Perhaps Zack Ryder will make an appearance (as he did after Raw went off the air) and spend the evening getting Pedigree after Pedigree.

Or, perhaps with the vote of no confidence, John Laurinaitis will bring back the person he's been calling after every step he makes. The person who's really been pulling strings, or should I say lowering the cages: Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

I'm sure Vince will make himself the champion of the WWE, proving to the board he should have never lost his position.

You know, the position he never lost in reality, and, as a result had to regain fictionally at some point.


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