Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Muppets take Raw

Bret Hart wrote yesterday that he was looking forward to the Muppets on Raw next week (Oct. 31), and, frankly, I am, too.

I hope The Muppet Show theme is played after the Raw theme and introduces Kermit on the Titantron. I see Kermit running the show, much like he did on the former variety show.

There will be comedic chaos.

Everyone (including other Muppets) will be coming to the CEF (Chief Executive Frog) at once, plugging their ideas for roles in the show. A few wokka wokkas later, we'll have our first match.

I can see someone altering Gonzo's nose, and a valiant Santino coming to defend him, resulting in another match.

I can also see Michael Cole comparing the Swedish Chef to JR.

Speaking of Michael Cole, if the entire announce team is not replaced by Statler and Waldorf, I will be highly disappointed.

I'm excited to see Miss Piggy, the ultimate diva, interact with the WWE Divas. I can see Kelly Kelly getting a little too close to Kermit, leading to Miss Piggy jumping her.

And, considering wrestling is only a part of the entertainment program, why not a "Pigs in Space" segment?


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