Saturday, December 31, 2011


IamJericho: So obvious the 1/2-02 mystery man is Brock Lesnar. That fight was a joke #ufcisfixed @speewee #memphis (12:25 a.m. Dec. 31, 2011)

Another year and another date WWE is mesmerizing us with. Last time, WWE was in negotiations with Sting, failed to sign him, and then made their promos into ones for the Undertaker.

This time, everyone believes it is Chris Jericho.

One major piece of evidence is the composition book had the name "Chris" on it.

Of course, Jericho is denying it's him. Why would he spoil the surprise even if it is him?

Which brings us to the UFC fight last night. It was to be Brock Lesnar's return, but he fell, hard, losing by TKO in the first round. Could it be? Could it be it was actually the start of his return to the WWE?

(Reality Check: Lesnar's style is much better suited for MMA. Also, Jim Ross has mentioned Lesnar does not like all the travel involved with being a full-time WWE Superstar. Jericho, however...)

Jericho, of all people, helped pass the idea along that those 1/2/12 promos were actually referring to Lesnar. "Wrestlemania" was even trending on Twitter last night due to speculation.

Then, late this afternoon, our master of wit, CM Punk, tweets in response to a fan's question about it all:

CMPunk: @marshmcdowall: @CMPunk who would you like to be the january 2nd mystery man to be” Why does it gave to be a man?


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