Sunday, March 11, 2012

Trading Places: How did John Laurinaitis do as SmackDown GM?


Friday night looked pretty good at first as the lights flashed and the steel cage enclosed the ring. John Laurinaitis gave Jack Swagger his expected rematch against Santino Marella for the U.S. Championship.

It was another good match, with Santino retaining, thanks to a mistake on Vicki's part.

Then, we waited to see how Teddy Long would get Aksana out of her match with Kane. And we got it, when Teddy "faced" Laurinaitis in a "match" which, to cheers of the crowd, Teddy won.

Then, the finale was a six-man tag match. Typical. Even ends with WrestleMania opponents chasing each other out the building.

Let's just say when the Raw GM takes over SmackDown, you expect more. You expect fireworks throughout, and all we got was just SmackDown.

John Laurinaitis, you get a B-. Teddy Long not only got the upper hand in the match, but in performance overall.

Now, of course, the Board will not be convinced in either GM's performance to make changes. I am sure that, possibly by the end of tomorrow night, there will be some sort of mixed-brand match made for WrestleMania to determine GM dominance and to get a few more guys a WrestleMania paycheck.


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