Sunday, April 1, 2012

SPOILER: Who else is in Miami?

We all know who is on the card, but do you know what other stars who could make some sort of impact (whether serious or humorous) at WrestleMania tonight?

But first, let me present to you the few who may be in Miami, but may not make an impact due to medical reasons:

Evan Bourne- Just like Cena, he was in a car accident. Unfortunately, Evan revealed on Twitter that he didn't exactly walk away from his accident-- his foot is broken in four spots and dislocated in five.

Michelle McCool- As Taker's wife and a Florida girl, she's bound to be in Miami. However, Vicki Guererro tweeted something that hinted Michelle is pregnant.

Christain- was injured during his match with CM Punk on Raw. There is a chance he really isn't injured and there are other plans for him, and actually, I hope that chance proves to be true.

And now, those who may make the show:

Iron Sheik- he dropped out a non-WWE event he was scheduled to be at this weekend, and has already been spotted at the Hall of Fame ceremony, where he posed for a photo with Mike Tyson.

Viscera/Big Daddy V- he rescheduled an independent show appearance, allegedly because WWE booked him for something this weekend.

Roddy Piper- if you follow him on Twitter, it's no secret he's there and signing autographs at Axxess.

Paul Bearer- another tweeting about his appearance at Axxess.

Torrie Wilson- I believe WWE even promoted that Torrie would be at WrestleMania with her boyfriend, some guy known as A-Rod...

Mae Young- Who didn't think this classic Diva would be there? Natalya found her, and even got a photo of herself with Mae, which she posted on Twitter.

Zack Ryder's Dad: Okay, he really is only a star on Ryder's Z True Long Island Story web show. But, he got a Twitter account not too long ago and is in Miami, embarrassing Zack. Could he do something to distract Zack from the job at hand and play a role in Team Teddy losing?

Dave Batista- he tweeted earlier in the week that he would be in Miami to appear on behalf of St. Jude's. It seems awfully convenient that this appearance not only is in the same town at WrestleMania, but the same weekend.

Brock Lesnar- he is reportedly in Miami. He allegedly also signed a contract with the WWE. I don't know where these reports originated, but they are certainly interesting.

When I first heard Batista was in Miami, my first thought was there will be no winner in the Once in a Lifetime Rock v. Cena match because Batista will interfere. Now, that I hear both guys are there, I will be surprised if there is a decision in this match. Sure, part of me will be pissed this match was built up for over a year (remember, even though Cena's opponent was The Miz last year, Cena and The Rock seemed to promoting a match) and there is no decision, but another part of me will be thrilled the return(s) and possible partnership between Batista and Lesnar.


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