Thursday, March 29, 2012

WrestleMania28: The leftovers

So Kane is facing Randy Orton, and the match was kind of thrown together like the last two people playing Spin the Bottle.

Orton didn’t figure into the title picture for some reason this time around, possibly because of his concussion sustained on RAW. We don’t know if this was a worked concussion just to give Orton an excuse not to be in the title match or not, but real or imagined, it worked.

So Orton was left without a natural rival for WrestleMania, and he is too big to be dumped into the Teddy vs. Johnny match.Enter Kane, who just spent a month stalking Eve, pounding on Zack Ryder and trying to make John Cena snap. This ended with Kane being thrown in the back if an ambulance and sent on his way.

Instead of crawling back into a hole somewhere back to hell (or Jobberland), Kane rolled off his hospital bed and went after Orton.

Again, it was almost if both were too big a star to be left alone, like a jilted quarterback and a semi-hot cheerleader sitting at home with no prom date 12 hours before the dance.I don’t want to guess which is which.

Either way, there’s no rhyme or reason for this match other than to get them both into WrestleMania. Somehow I doubt they will be seen together again after April 1.

That being said, this is a tough match to call. Gut instinct says Orton wins, but some heels have to win somewhere at Mania and this could be a sleeper spot for Kane.

I’ll stick with the Apex Predator in a match that is potentially entertaining even though it was conceived from nothing.

What do you do when you have pulled the Money in the Bank match from WrestleMania and have a bunch of guys leftover who are worthy enough for some sort of match at WrestleMania? Well, you create a conflict which requires two teams of guys to settle it.

Enter Team Teddy and Team Johnny.

I have mixed feelings about this match. I'm anticipating it because, considering who's involved - Booker T, Khali, R Truth, Santino, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry, David Otunga, Jack Swagger and Drew McIntyre - it should be an exciting match, but I also fear the result will be more John Laurinaitis.

(In case you were not aware, McIntyre replaced Christain in the match becaue he was not medically cleared to perform after CM Punk's attack on him Monday night.)

Johnny Ace, even though he can't get through a promo without some sort of flub, gets a reaction from the fans. Teddy got the win when Laurinaitis created a match for them when he took over Smackdown, so now it's Johnny's turn for a win. I also think Teddy Long is right about Eve distracting Zack, costing them the win. Plus, Teddy may want to retire (he is 64 years old).

Then, there's the Albert, A-Train, Lord Tensai, whatever you prefer to call him factor. Two weeks ago, it was rumored online that the wrestler whose real name is Matt Bloom is coming back as Laurinaitis' enforcer. Even though that appears to be Otunga's role (maybe he needs time off to finally marry Jennifer Hudson?), and it doesn't look that way from the promos now airing, that's what was flying around. Of course, Bloom denied it. He denied he even had a contract. At least it looks like he will be a heel. (In case you didn't know, heels lie on Twitter.)

Of course, the rumor could have been spread by WWE to make us think Team Johnny would win. Maybe. Hopefully. Please?


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