Saturday, March 31, 2012

WrestleMania 28: Tag Team last minute match

If you were wondering if the WWE Tag Team Champions were defending their title at WrestleMania (or simply just wondering who they were) here's your answer: The Champs, Primo and Epico, will defend their title in a not-so-dark WrestleMania pre-show Triple Threat match.

Did you get all that?

The match will stream live at 6:30 p.m. tomorrow on WWE's YouTube Channel and on Yes, that means you won't have to pay for it. I also saw a report that it would air on the PPV channel, but I do not see that confirmed anywhere by the WWE.

The challengers in this match are The Usos and the team of Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd. Gabriel and Kidd formed a team following their match on WWE Superstars this week. Apparently, they figured they could get further ahead in the company as team than as rivals.

Even though I would love to see Jimmy and Jey Uso get a better push, I actually really like the team of Gabriel and Kidd. I think they are both very talented in the ring, but maybe there just isn't enough room for them on the big stage.

Okay, their mic skills could get better. Actually, all these guys' mic skills could get better, which is probably why the Tag Team Championship doesn't get the love it should.

That's why you need managers. They do the talking so you don't, well, look like Johnny Ace out there.

I think the title will change hands to the newest tag team, and this will be such an entertaining match, a decision may be made to throw a quick 60 second recap in between matches during the main PPV.

By the way, I've been keeping a list of all possible suprise guests for WrestleMania who have been working at Axxess, spotted at the airport, or simply mysteriously changed their plans for the weekend. I will post these possible spoilers Sunday morning, and will update throughout the day, if any updates are discovered.

I will also host a WrestleMania chat LIVE during the PPV Sunday night. When the chat is open, I will announce it on my Facebook page and on the Trentonian's Twitter feed, so be sure to follow one or both!


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