Monday, May 28, 2012

The end of Jericho?

If you are tuning in to Raw tonight to see Chris Jericho, you'll be disappointed. Jericho is suspended for 30 days for a disrespectful act toward the flag of Brazil during a show in Sao Paulo on May 24.

photo from Wikimedia Commons
According to, a flag somehow got in the ring, and Jericho reacted by crumbling it up and then kicking it. Local law enforcement stopped the match in which Jericho was facing CM Punk, and gave Jericho the opportunity to apologize, said. If he hadn't apologized, Jericho would have been jailed, the report said.

After Jericho apologized to the fans in attendance, the show continued without further incident.

"It was a bad move," Jericho told "I did it with (our) fans' entertainment in mind and I'll accept the consequences for that."

Coincidentally, Jericho's band, Fozzy, goes on tour in the United Kingdom starting June 6... Could this whole suspension thing have been staged? Were the law enforcement officers actors? Is this why WWE worked so hard to get to Brazil after issues just getting there?


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