Friday, June 22, 2012

Being a star?

WWE has an anti-bullying campaign called, "Be A Star." WWE's biggest star, John Cena, has "Rise Above Hate" as his slogan.

You would think WWE's storyline would show bullies as the bad guys and do things to them that would encourage the children they are trying to inspire to rise above it all and not become bullies themselves.

Unfortunately, for the past two weeks, we've watched as John Cena took advantage of his bullies in a weak state and overly abused them.

I felt sorry for Michael Cole as he was stripped in the ring, and then felt sorry for the injured John Laurinaitis as he was beaten.

Instead of rising above the hate,John Cena has become the bully.

In many cases, a child becomes a bully in reaction to being bullied himself. It makes him feel better about the bullying he receives when he finds someone weaker in some way.

Cena became exactly what the WWE is trying stop.

The question is will the WWE realize this and use it as an educational tool, or will they promote (as they usually do) that it's okay to bully as long as you are bullying a bad guy?


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