Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Broski of the Week

With the likes of John Cena, CM Punk, Kane and Christian in the ring at The Great American Bash, it didn't seem likely Zack Ryder would win the Battle Royal to be GM next week.

But, he did. And, he did it eliminating Kane.

Sure, when it was just the two of them left, it seemed likely he would somehow win, but did anyone see it coming before then?

Ryder has been MIA lately on television, and he was even one of the guys introduced to the ring during the commercial break. It's almost like whoever gave Tyson Kidd his push last week was at the wheel again this week.

And, whoever this is, he is making the right decisions. We need young guys making an impact just as much as we want to see the veterans battle. The veterans need the young guys to keep themselves from getting stale. The more we get to love Ryder and Kidd now, the more likely we are to watch them in 10 years when they are the veterans.

Next week should be a fun week with Ryder in charge. There could be visits from his Z! True Long Island Story friends. There may even be a Cyber Monday, since Ryder is the Internet Champion.

No matter what, he certainly earned the title of Broski of the Week.


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