Monday, January 7, 2013

Revolution in 2013?

In advertisements for the WWE '13 video game, CM Punk speaks of a revolution. Will the new year bring us a revolution?

Well, in effect, it already has by giving the younger guys a chance to really show what they've got.

The Shield made its in-ring debut at the TLC PPV just before the new year. Ryback is in the title picture. Big E Langston, although in the Virgil-type character, is still on the big stage and probably is hoping his run ends up more like Batista's. Three Man Band (3MB) got a shot at the Tag Team Championship. Ricardo Rodriguez even got to hold his own against the Big Show.

But, as WWE are bringing in the new, they are also ushering in the old. Both Tommy Dreamer and Ric Flair made their returns to the company at the Slammys. The Rock returns (possibly via satellite) tonight. Hopefully, these guys will make a resolution to spend more time backstage helping the young become greats and less time stealing the show.

Other wrestling-related resolutions that should be made include:

  • Dolph Ziggler should resolve to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Oh, and he should put in his next contract that the contents of a port-a-potty can never be dumped on him again. (Monday night was his second time, for those of you who didn't know about his dumping in the Spirit Squad.)

  • The Rock should resolve to appear less via satellite. (He is scheduled to appear at just about every Raw and Smackdown in January, but I believe he was scheduled to appear at all his via satellite appearances last year, too.)

  • Hulk Hogan should resolve to not be left alone with any one's wife, no matter how close he believes he is with the husband.

  • Although it is helping reveal who the members are, the Aces and Eights need to stop losing. They just aren't as much of a powerful force if they keep losing. Hopefully, WWE is watching this scenario as they further develop The Shield's storyline...

  • AJ should resolve to spend more time in the ring wrestling and less time helping others succeed.

  • AJ should use the above resolution as a stepping stone to the resolution to be in the Divas Championship match at WrestleMania, near where she grew up in Jersey.

  • The Divas in general should resolve to make their division as important as the Knockouts'. What I have to say about this worth a whole other blog entry, so you'll have wait for that until later in the week.

With the first Raw of 2013 tonight, we'll see if any of these resolutions were made, most likely starting with The Rock's appearance.


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