Thursday, August 22, 2013

Total Viewers

"Total Divas" was an instant hit for E!, and viewership has only gone up each week. In fact, it's been doing so well, that last week the network ordered more episodes of the show that will air this fall.

But, considering that "Dancing With Stars" going up against "Raw" probably affected Stacy Keibler and Chris Jericho's viewer votes, I was interested to see how this reality show did in its first outing against WWE programming.

And, even though SummerSlam is one of the biggest PPVs of the year, "Total Divas" stayed strong. With 1.35 million viewers, viewership did drop from the previous week (1.67 million viewers), but was still slightly higher than its debut numbers (1.34 million viewers).

So, what does this mean? Are a majority of viewers not WWE fans? Did everybody who couldn't afford the PPV simply tune into "Total Divas" instead to get their WWE fix, evening things out? Did the timing of the matches involving Divas allow those who prefer to watch the Divas to tune into "Total Divas" just in time? (If I remember correctly, the Ziggler/Kaitlyn v. Big E/AJ match ended only seven minutes into "Total Divas.")

No matter what the answer is- and perhaps it is a combination of all those factors- "Total Divas" appears to be a smart move for all involved. It is likely introducing more people to the product, and giving these women matches that aren't cut last minute at a PPV. That being said, I'm not sure if the Kardashian viewers are going to start watching Raw, but I'm sure it makes them more likely to if there's nothing else of interest to them on Monday nights. And, truthfully, since Raw is the only thing I'm aware of being on the air every Monday night (except during football season), I have no clue if there is anything else of interest on for these viewers. Who knows? Maybe football season will even make those viewers tune into Raw to see what Nattie, Trinity and Brie are up to. I mean, anytime a Kardashian is dating an athlete, his stock goes up, so why not?


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