Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Are you ready?

So, I've heard the question, "When will Triple H realize he can't beat Legacy on his own?"

My answer? When Shawn Michaels comes back from his hiatus and SummerSlam has DX v. Legacy on the card.

Good ole JR wrote last week in his blog that even though the speculation is out there, nothing is confirmed for Michaels appearing at SummerSlam, as far as he knows. (JR's Blog, and while you're there, order some sauce, the man knows what he's doing)

My reason for the speculation and finally feeling confident enough to post about it this week?

For once, Triple H was knocked out of contendership, thereby ending the seemingly endless three-ways between him, Orton and Cena. These guys are great, but there are only so many times you will pay your money to see them wrestle each other.

Plus, next week on Raw, Triple H is facing the younger two-thirds of Legacy, potentially setting up a tag team match in the future.

Mark my words-- SummerSlam will be spray-painted green!


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