Wednesday, October 7, 2009

SD! meets the Trenton fans

Yes, your friendly neighborhood Red Mask was in the audience at ECW/Smackdown last night, and I'll try not spoil anything for those of you who weren't there. However, if knowing which Superstars wrestled and against whom is considered a spoiler by you, you may want to stop reading now.

First, I'd like to make a couple shout-outs to fans that stole my attention from the show.

- To Chris Jericho's #1 fan in section 114. Yes, we saw you rocking out to Jericho's theme music. Never stop breaking the walls down with your bobbing head...

- To the girl who insisted on raising her "Where's Jeff Hardy?" sign and blocking the view for some of us. If you read this blog you'd know where Jeff Hardy is-- dealing with the legal issues surrounding his arrest last month for possession and trafficking of drugs.

- To the fans chanting "Ziggler" while he was competing against John Morrison. I really hope that was joke, or that you were happy because he meant you got to see Maria.

- To all the children in audience. Wow, I don't think I've ever seen that many children at a WWE event. It was school night, too! I'm sure Stephanie and Shane are happy the next generation of viewers is so large and excited about their product.

All in all, we got to see all the biggies for Smackdown- Batista, Rey Mysterio, Morrison, Cryme Tyme, The Hart Dynasty, Michelle McCool, Kane and, of course, World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker. Some of us were disappointed R. Truth came down ramp instead of through the crowd. One unexpected highlight was an appearance by the Chairman himself, Vincent Kennedy McMahon!

ECW gave us a chance to see Christian, Tommy Dreamer and Goldust in action, Tiffany's return and the aforementioned kiddies' favorite, Yoshi Tatsu.


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