Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TNA's wild ride

Kurt Angle, fresh off his recent arrest for possession of HGH and stalking his girlfriend Rhaka Khan, is still calling the shots in TNA. I guess there is no 30-day suspension coming his way like the one that got Rey-Rey in WWE.

In any case, Angle is messing with Matt Morgan, who as it turns out, can talk. He has more of a personality than we were led to believe when he was in WWE, and I like what he has done lately, though his rants are too long at times.

Bobby Lashley, meanwhile, gets Rhyno for his first match at the pay per view. Lashley says he loves to fight, then adds that he also loves professional wrestling. This marks the second time that TNA was candid enough to allow a character to openly discuss the true nature of the business that in most circles is known but not spoken of on TV.

Speaking of the Lashley announcement, TNA president Dixie Carter appeared on camera for the first time ever to make the match, and man was I disappointed when it wasn't the woman from Designing Women. Seriously, though, maybe she will make some more appearances and channel her inner Linda McMahon.

One other thing, what was with Kyp James (who I still like to call Billy Gunn) showing up at the beginning of IMPACT to park Sting's car, then saying he had one back when he was over? Memo to Kyp/Billy: Get back into DX and maybe you'll be over again.


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