Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's next for DX?

Yes, it's already in the bag that DX will win at Summer Slam, since the Legacy boys were able ambush them Monday night. (Oh, and I did like DiBiase's "The answer to your question is yes, we're ready.") So, even though I am still purchasing the PPV and throwing a DX party, I have moved on and am wondering what's next for one of our favorite duos?

I say, they start a search for new members and have initiations/hazing for those interested, playing off Randy Orton's initiation process for joining Legacy. I can see Triple H introducing the idea-- "You know, Shawn, we're no spring, uh, chickens anymore..."

Then, I can see Santino, The Miz, maybe even MVP, oh, and to get one of the Divas involved, Kelly Kelly, too, being paraded around the ring frat-boy style dressed in drag and being made to pull pranks on guys like the Big Show and of course, Michael Cole. Perhaps they will have an encounter with Vince McMahon, who will stop by to tell Triple H and Michaels to stop the hazing process, they can get sued, blah, blah, blah.

Now, I really don't see any of these guys, except maybe Kelly, actually getting the privilege of induction into DX, but it will be fun to watch.


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