Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wrestling Soup

Just a few random thoughts...

- Shawn Michaels did what many wish they could-- he played a little Sweet Chin Music on his boss before quitting. (oh, yeah, and rejoining Triple H as DX)

- Speaking of Raw, I'm wondering when the WWE will have to tap out of the guest host stint due to a lack of interested parties-- this week we had WWE employee Sgt. Slaughter, and next week we have former Smackdown writer Freddie Prinze, Jr. Jeremy Piven's appearance should make anyone embarrassed to plug a movie on Raw. Interestingly, Prinze actually could plug his newest project, but because "24" will probably air against Raw - as my DVR knows all too well - he probably can't.

- Could Christy Hemme wear any less clothing in the ring?

- UFC 100, featuring Lesnar v. Mir, will air on Saturday at 10 p.m. on Spike.

- Thought you'd never see Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka? Well, he's scheduled to appear at the NWS show in Basking Ridge July 22. Tickets start at $18, go to for more information.


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