Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fan attacks referee

A fan jumped into the ring and put a referee in a chokehold during the Orton v. Cena match at Summer Slam Sunday night.

After three restarts due to Randy Orton trying to cheat his way to retaining the title, John Cena was in position to win with Orton in the STFU. Suddenly, a man wearing a white T-shirt and jeans slid under the bottom rope and attacked the ref. Security quickly grabbed the man, pulled him out of the ring and escorted him backstage. Meanwhile, the ref held his throat, Orton backed out of the ring and Cena stood back in shock and almost fear. After the stun was over, Randy made his way over to the ramp side of the ring, RKO'd Cena, and quickly pinned him for the win.

Fans online in WWE's live chat wondered if the interruption was planned or an actual rowdy fan, and the WWE representatives in the room, Corey Clayton and The Fink, had no answer. As soon as I find out any more information, if any more is released (sometimes these things are swept under the rug to discourage this kind of conduct), I will let you know...

By the way, TAKER IS BACK!


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