Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Angle cleared on most charges

Kurt Angle was cleared of charges that he stalked former girlfriend Rhaka Khan and that illegally possessed HGH. He still faces an assault charge against Khan from during their relationship.

In the ring, Angle was pinned by AJ Styles last week on IMPACT thanks to interference from Matt Morgan, who later slammed Angle and essentially ended their pretend friendship. The four-way title match at No Surrender should be fantastic, and I think Sting is least likely of the four to come out on top. He will likely work to get the heretofore unheralded Morgan over, while also boosting his protege Styles' chances to be the main star in TNA when all the old guys finally conk out. It feels like the right time for the belt to come off Angle for a while, and they have been giving Morgan a major push. I'm going with Styles, though, to sneak in and become the new TNA world heavyweight champ.

As for Homicide betraying Hernandez, that is a shame because now it is Hernandez against seven or eight guys every week. He needs allies in a hurry or it wlil become tiresome to watch him get a beatdown every Thursday.


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