Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gretzky screwed Bret

Sorry faithful readers, but I have been a little consumed by the Olympics. In fact, I'm still a little upset Bret Hart wasn't the great Canadian athlete to light the Olympic cauldron. So, in honor of Bret no longer screwing Bret, and everyone admitting to screwing Bret, I am calling out Wayne Gretzky for screwing Bret out of being the final torch bearer.

More things to call out in TNA/WWE/Olympics...

- So, Abyss, how does it feel to be looking at your future? I mean, being buddies with Hulk Hogan means you get to be part of his baggage someday, like Brian Knobbs, Sean Waltman and Scott Hall. These three will always have a career as long as Hulk is ticking, so protect him well when you team up with against AJ Styles and Ric Flair on March 8 (you know, that day the Monday Night Wars return, again).

- Speaking of Hogan's baggage, Waltman and Hall beat the crap out of Eric Young and Kevin Nash, but not without Waltman doing the crotch chop and telling both of them to “S**k it!” twice. So I ask, with several wrestlers having tweaked their ring names and catch phrases after leaving WWE, isn’t the whole DX catch phrase thing just as much an intellectual property of WWE? They’ve been using it for 15 years, so that is something to think about.

- Amazingly, it appears I was wrong last month when I said a little something about John Cena having no one to compete against at Wrestlemania... apparently I should have predicted Triple H... When everyone is healthy, someone has to be the odd man out, and Triple H gets to be that man. My question is, how do you promote a Wrestlemania with Triple H as one of your three top stars, and don't put him in a match?

- Does anybody else think one of the Bobsleigh announcers sounds little like Matt Striker?

- NXT was, to say the least, interesting. The pairings we saw featured look like they are going to work and really get the personality part out, which is really what appears to need the most work. I really liked Heath Slater, even though his dancing seemed a little forced at times...


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