Friday, September 27, 2013

Ring Magic

If you've been watching Total Divas, you know Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan have been talking about getting married. E! News confirmed tonight that Bryan proposed to Brie on Wednesday, and, of course, her answer was YES! (no confirmation on how many times she said yes...)

Brie posted this photo to her
Instagram account (briannagc) tonight.
If you want to see how it all went down, well, E! also announced their cameras were there filming for the reality show.

"When you're older, the things you tell your group of friends is about how your husband proposed, how your wedding went and the birth of your children," Brie told E!. "I'm happy that the world gets to see the moment I'll be talking about for the rest of my life."

According to E!, the ring has a 1.5 carat European diamond and the couple designed the ring themselves at Ken & Dana Design in New York. Bryan said he had the ring for a while and had been waiting for the right moment. Brie said she never saw Bryan as nervous as he was when he got down on one knee and proposed.

According to the report, they plan to get married in April or June. Natalya's June wedding to Tyson Kidd was the mid-season finale for Total Divas just weeks ago.


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