Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's good to be the host?

No, kiddies, Mel Brooks is not guest hosting Raw, but Stone Cold Steve Austin is next week! In honor of the Rattlesnake's one-night return (and, of course, movie promo), let's take a look back at the guest hosts whom we wish Stone Cold was around for so he could end our misery with a Stunner...

Dennis Miller, Dec. 14, 2009: As we watched Miller host the Slammy Awards episode of Raw, we wondered how he ever made it as a comedian. Oh, yeah, and he made pretty obvious he's not that big of a wrestling fan when he introduced Triple H with the nickname "The Show."

Don Johnson and Jon Heder, Jan. 18, 2010: Actually, this night probably would have been okay if it was just Don Johnson. Jon Heder was just horrible. He made his character in "Napoleon Dynamite" look like a normal person. All this, and he attempted to wrestle, and really should have worn something to cover his pasty, scrawny chest.

Jerry Springer, Feb. 15, 2010: Because of Jerry's outrageous talk shows, the Raw Superstars decided to stage a "Secret Lives" segment. But, it was just strange and disturbing, even for Jerry Springer. With this one, I would suspect Stone Cold would give a Stunner to all the Superstars involved, start to share a beer with Jerry, then decide to stun him, too.

Criss Angel, March 8, 2010: I had never seen Criss Angel perform until Monday night, and now I'm glad I didn't waste my money to watch one of his shows. He really brought down a Raw show competing against a TNA show on Red Bull.

Which leaves me wondering, why didn't they get Stone Cold for last week? Maybe they decided they let who ever wanted to take a peek at TNA take their peek, and then make sure everyone came back to Raw the following week...


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