Monday, March 8, 2010

Tonight's alright for fighting

The Monday Night Wars return, again, tonight! First, the challenger has a man who is just under the age of 60 and another just over the age of 60 in a match with two guys who are about half their age. And, over in this corner, we have reigning champ with a man over the age 60 facing a guy half his age...

Really? Fifty-six year-old Hulk Hogan, 61-year-old Ric Flair, and 64-year-old Vince McMahon all stepping in the ring tonight to prove they can all still wrestle is what they are giving us? Where's Chris Jericho to help prove my point?

Now, I understand why they are all doing this. What better way is there for the men running the warring companies to start the war than to actually get in the ring and fight? At least Hogan was smart enough to make his match a tag match with Abyss on his side and AJ Styles on Flair's, so their replacement hips don't have to do all the work... McMahon chose John Cena because he knows he's smart enough not to hurt him, and because McMahon can always get Batista to come out and interfere...

Of course, TNA has a few more aces up its sleeve. As leaked by Spike TV last week, RVD will be making his debut tonight. Rumor has it, since RVD said he wanted his buddy to come to TNA with him, Sabu will be returning to TNA tonight. There may also be a few other new (and old) faces appearing tonight, and, of course, my favorite rumor is Paul Heyman...

Oh, yeah, and TNA says "it" is happening in the first five minutes. Take your pick on what "it" is.

Visit my Facebook page at about 9 p.m. to get updates on the two shows tonight... I'll do a TNA status and a WWE status and just comment on each so I don't clog up your home pages with a bunch of statuses.


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