Monday, June 7, 2010

Viewer's Choice?

Well, it appears we won't be able to make our choices heard until the show actually begins in about 45 minutes. But, will our votes actually be heard?

Two things make me concerned about this:

1. With millions of fans voting at once, the website could crash. Yes, they did just unveil a new website, but I still have my concerns. The previous times the WWE has done fan-voting for matches - 2 Taboo Tuesdays and 3 Cyber Sundays - voting started well ahead of the event and voting stopped during the event.

2. With the preparation needed, fans are commenting online that they are suspicious that the "outcome" of the voting has already been decided. Sure, it's possible, but how much of a choice did you really think you were going to get? Usually, the match is pretty much set and we just get to vote on one aspect of it.

With that said, good luck getting your votes through...


Anonymous MissLindsie said...

The voting was kinda week last night. The thing is that WWE should had the fans to vote a week before the show. It was kinda crazy, yet, it did contain some good show. But, I am not pleased with the ending of RAW last night. If you notice, that Wade Barrett came out in his wrestling gear and wearing a armband with a yellow square and the letter N on it. I was in shock when the other rookies of season one of NXT came out and take out everyone, except for Michael Cole, who somehow vanish. I was felt that I seen this before, but I am not sure. I am wondering what will this would be played out. After all, Wade Barrett won season one of NXT, and I believe that was a right choice that the pros chose. I am not being so hard on Barrett, like any fan would do if they follow the storyline, because he is a heel, but I want to see how much he is going to do when he leads his fellow rookies.

June 8, 2010 at 10:11 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, its as if this "invasion" angle was part "shoot" and scripted. The whole concept was very well laid out during previous weeks RAW AND NXT programing. Problem was the viewer was'nt paying attention to the development of this STORYLINE. So when the "free-for-all" occured,there was a shock value of wrestling entertainment for the fan. Now with the release of the NXT wrestler involved,can this be a better version of the failed WCW/ECW storyline of 10 years ago? Did WWE GET THIS RIGHT?

June 13, 2010 at 11:59 AM 

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