Sunday, May 2, 2010

The best show in your town

If you are a wrestling fan in New Jersey, and I'm assuming you are since you are reading this, and haven't found your way to a National Wrestling Superstars show yet, you are really missing out. Here's my top ten list why:

10. Just like the WWE, tickets start at $20* for adults, but they stop there, too. That means for a $20 seat, a wrestler may slap your hand as he makes his way to ring. (*Prices may change from venue to venue, also like the WWE)

9. Great for families-- children will even warm up to the scarier guys!

8. There's humor. For example, at last night's show, The Giant Silva competed in a Gulliver's Travels match against the ZWO, the Zoo World Order. They came out to VooDoo Child and the first "animal" to get the mic opened up his brief promo with "Let me tell you something, brother..." Oh, and yes, the ZWO were all men dressed as animals like a goat, monkey and tiger. They did animals actions, and competing against a 7'7" man, climbed on top of each other's shoulders to attempt to fight him.(By the way, the Giant Silva won and carried the Goat Boy out of the ring in a giant fishnet.)

7. The Jersey Shore Madman Slayer. This guy's ring entrance is a sight to be seen. He wears a straight jacket and violently throws himself around the ring until he gets the jacket off. Then, he is fed items to calm him. Last night, some Christmas lights dangling above the ring were casualties of his entrance.

6. The performers know what they're doing. Don't think this is an untelevised Heat. The wrestlers are great at getting reactions from the fans and they do as crazy moves as the ceiling will allow. I'll admit, when the more experienced guys perform, you can see a difference, but in most cases (because I was once at a show with dead parts, but, hey, the big three wrestling shows on TV all have dead parts) it is still an amazing experience.

5. Fans really get to interact with the stars. Before the show, the special guest headliners and the regulars are out at tables for you to meet and buy their merchandise. Then, at intermission, the wrestlers are out again for you to get photos with them.

4. They travel all over the Garden State, so it's likely you won't have to drive far to get to a show. Next week, they will be in Manville (Friday, May 7) and Middletown (Saturday, May 8) and later in the month they will have shows in Kenilworth, Flemington, Bergenfield and Livingston.

3. Every seat is a good seat. Because they are at smaller venues and not huge arenas, you will be close to the action no matter where you sit.

2. There's always former or current TV star headlining. Last night, I saw former WWE Champ Tatanka. You can see Rikishi and the Blue Meanie next week. Snitsky is trying to throw somebody through a table or a door somewhere each month. Current TNA stars like the Black Machismo and ODB have also made appearances and competed with the NWS stars.

1. Fans are appreciated. Really, the fans are treated as part of the family. They celebrate birthdays by bringing the individuals in the ring and giving them gifts. Last night, a regular fan who died of cancer the night before was given a 10-ring salute and had the show dedicated to him.

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