Monday, March 29, 2010

WrestleMania: The Streak Continues

Shawn Michaels just didn't look like himself as walked down the ramp to his match at WrestleMania last night. He'd go from a serious, "I mean business" walk into a little hopping, dancing walk. That's was when I knew we were watching Michaels walk down that ramp for the last time, for the time being at least.

Backstage, after the match, Michaels said, "It's time for me to be a husband and a daddy." But, he added, he would always be around.

As I said the other day, it's much easier to come out of retirement than to repair a broken streak. And, for Michaels, as we've seen in the past, it's hard for him to stay away from the ring. He may come back as a manager of some sort, as Ric Flair did last year, for a brief period of time. Perhaps he'll guest host Raw. Maybe there will even be a brief DX reunion. However, after Raw tonight (at which I'm assuming he'll make a farewell appearance) don't expect to see him until the end of August, at the very least.

For those of you who don't believe me, look at Ric Flair, whose career HBK "ended" two years ago...

Other results from last night include:
- (Dark) Yoshi Tatsu wins 26-Man Battle Royal
- The Miz/Big Show retain Unified Tag Team Championship (this match was only about 4 minutes long)
- Randy Orton defeats Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes (DiBiase pinned)
- Jack Swagger wins Money In The Bank Ladder Match
- Triple H defeats Sheamus
- Rey Mysterio defeats CM Punk
- Bret Hart defeats Vince McMahon (the match became a Lumberjack Match, with all the Harts there -including the Hart Dynasty- as lumberjacks paid by McMahon to help him. However, the Harts double-crossed McMahon, and the Chairman spent most of the match outside of the ring getting beaten up by various Harts, including an outstanding move by Tyson Kidd jumping off the top rope onto McMahon, who was being held by DH Smith)
- Chris Jericho retains the World Heavyweight Championship
- Vicki Guerrero, Michelle McCool, Layla, Maryse and Alicia Fox win 10-Diva Tag Match (Vicki pinned Kelly Kelly- this was actually one the most entertaining matches of the night not including Michaels and Taker...)
- John Cena wins the WWE Championship

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