Saturday, March 27, 2010

WrestleMania: Vengeance

On the morning of Nov. 9, 1997, Bret Hart woke up not knowing how important that day would play in the rest of his life, or in the lives of wrestling fans every where. He was the WWF Champion and competing in Survivor Series against Shawn Michaels that night. Just days before, he had signed a contract with WCW, at the urging of Vince McMahon, and would be starting work with the new company Dec. 5. It was planned the match that night, his last Pay-Per-View for the company he had been with for 14 years, would end in a way so he wouldn't have to lose the title in Canada, even though McMahon made it clear he wanted that title out of Hart's hands as soon as possible.

That night, Bret Hart was screwed.

Tomorrow night, Hart will finally seek vengeance. And, I believe Hart was right when he said "Vince screwed Vince," after the contract signing. Vince has either wrestled or managed wrestlers in five WrestleManias since that night, which is when the "Mr. McMahon" character was being created. Vince has lost every single time. He has lost to Stephanie (via Triple H in 2000), Shane (2001), Hulk Hogan (2003), Shawn Michaels (2006) and to Donald Trump (via Bobby Lashley, 2007). Tomorrow night, Bret Hart will make it to that list. (By the way, this is a No Holds Barred match. Even though this kind of stuff doesn't happen often at WrestleManias, I think the Hart Dynasty may have a part...)

And finally, the match which should have been the finale of WrestleMania last year, Undertaker v. Shawn Michaels, will get an encore. I'm not sure if these two can top what they did last year, but if they do, it will be worth the $55 (wasn't it just $39 a couple of years ago?) to watch it. I went through last year how equal these guys are in age, experience, wins, etc., so I won't go through that again this year. (It's all archived, in case you missed it... look to the right side of your screen...) Because of the stipulations, I have one thing to tell you. Career threatening matches mean nothing. You can always come back. However, once a streak has ended, it's done. Michaels will lose again, but he will be back again.


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