Thursday, March 18, 2010


I guess when Stone Cold said at his Hall of Fame induction that he was not going to wrestle anymore, he meant it. No stunners, just threatening looks and the attitude which made him a star.

Next week, I'll give you my annual Wrestlemania series of blogs sizing up the matches, but, until then, here are a few notes:

- Speaking of Stone Cold, did Stephanie have to dig through her basement to find that old "What?" sign to display in the general manager's office for the night?

- The ratings are in from the first battle of the new Monday Night War, and WWE won by a landslide. According to, iMPACT! had 1.3 million viewers while Raw had 5 million viewers.

- Who else thought when the Beautiful People announced they had a new member that she was going to be Maria? (She wasn't, in case you missed it) The "Diva of the Year" was released from her contract with the WWE on Feb. 26. She is now pursuing a music career and her album, Seven Sins, will be available on iTunes April 13.

- At TNA's Destination X this Sunday, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman (can I call them Tweedle-drunk and Tweedle-drunker? No? Come on, I've already referred to them as Hogan's baggage... Oh, Disney won't allow it? Okay...) will fight for a TNA contract. Why do I think that even if they lose they will be back somehow...

- National Wrestling Superstars will be in Edison Friday night with Spike Dudley in a Steel Cage Match! The event is at 7:45 p.m. in the Herbert Hoover Middle School Gym and tickets are $18 for adults, $16 for children. For more infomation, visit or call 732-888-1704.


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