Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WrestleMania: The Leftovers

Because we have so many top healthy, they have to be included somehow at wrestling's biggest show. That's how we got Triple H v. Sheamus and CM Punk v. Rey Mysterio this year.

Let's stay positive... No JBL this year. That's who Rey faced last year. This year Rey gets CM Punk who he upset by pinning at the Elimination Chamber. If Rey loses, he doesn't have to get a new hairdo, but he will have to join the Straight Edge Society. Now, because this WrestleMania, Luke and Serena most likely will not be interfering. However, because this feud just started, I have a feeling this storyline won't have a happy ending for Rey any time soon...

We knew Triple H was getting a match at WrestleMania since he's kinda on the poster. Well, almost a month ago, he got an opponent when Sheamus decided he wanted to make his WrestleMania debut and attacked Triple H. Since becoming a McMahon, Triple H has won at WrestleMania only once (last year v. Randy Orton because his role is to help the rising stars rise higher. So, even though it pains me to say this, I believe Sheamus will walk away from his first WrestleMania with a win.


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