Tuesday, March 23, 2010

WrestleMania: Money in the Bank

Last night, Kofi Kingston defeated Vladimir Koslov for the 10th and final spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. In the first MITB match with 10 participants, Kofi will be battling Kane, Evan Bourne, MVP, Christain, Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin, Jack Swagger, Matt Hardy and Drew McIntyre for the suitcase suspended 20 feet above the ring.

Since the first MITB match in 2005, all winners (if you don't include Mr. Kennedy, who ended up losing his contract to Edge, and Edge ended up winning the championship when cashing in the contract) have gone on to win the championship of their choosing when they cashed in their opportunity. The main reason for this is because the winner can cash in the opportunity at ANY time, most choosing when the champ is at his weakest. The only men to hold the coveted suitcase are Edge (2005, 2007), RVD (2006), Mr. Kennedy (2007) and CM Punk (2008, 2009).

So who will be the new Superstar added to the list Sunday night?

Shelton certainly deserves it as the veteran of the match. He has competed in 4 of the 5 MITB matches. Unfortunately, Shelton's only in it because he can put on a good show. It would be nice if he got rewarded, but this is his position in the company right now, and it is a very important position.

Out of the rest, Kane, MVP, Christain and Hardy have each competed in the match twice. Kofi debuted in the match last year and Bourne, Ziggler, Swagger and McIntyre are all in it for the first time.

I think Christain deserves it the most and is the most realistic as a future champion (he has never been WWE Champ or WHW Champ, but was NWA Champ twice during his stint in TNA and held the ECW Championship twice). Christain, by the way, competed in the first MITB match, as did Kane and Shelton.

Kofi also has a chance, since he appears to be ready to be a main eventer. He is also an exciting new face, which WWE seems to be more interested in since TNA started calling them out for being stale. I would love to see Kofi catapulted, but also fear he'd end up like John Cena after a while, unless he gets a character revamp...


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