Thursday, March 25, 2010

WrestleMania: The Teams That Were

At this time last year, The Miz and John Morrison were World Tag Team Champions and Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes were loyal minions, I mean, proteges of Randy Orton. What a difference a year makes...

The Miz smartly teamed up with Big Show, became Unified Tag Champs and is facing Morrison and his newly found partner, R-Truth, at WrestleMania. Miz and Morrison, after being teammates for about a year and a half, parted ways in April when the Miz felt Morrison was getting in his way. See, it was Morrison who was pinned at WrestleMania, causing them to lose the belts, and it was Morrison who caused The Miz to lose a match during the draft episode of Raw.

Since then, both Miz and Morrison have seen gold in the US Championship and Intercontinental Championship, respectively. Big Show was tag champ with Chris Jericho over the past year, and, well, last time R-Truth held a belt (Hardcore Championship), his name was K-Kwik.

I think R-Truth will get his hands on the belts and Morrison will be the victor this year because, at least if the draft doesn't mess things up, the belts will work better with the talent on Smackdown. (Yes, I know being tag champs means you can be either show.) Also, the last time The Big Show won at WrestleMania was 2006 when he was teamed up with Kane as World Tag Champs.

Unlike the team of Miz and Morrison, The Legacy was built on a rocky foundation. If you remember, Rhodes first teamed with DiBiase in 2008 as DiBiase's surprise partner in a match against Rhodes and his partner/mentor Hardcore Holly, thus putting Holly at a disadvantage. By the end of 2008, through criticism, Orton took the second- and third-generation stars under his wing, forming The Legacy. (At first, DiBiase was literally kicked out of the group, but once filming completed on The Marine 2, he was back helping Orton and Rhodes betray members Sim Snuka and Manu.)

The two basically followed orders barked by Orton, continuously having to prove themselves worthy to carry on their families' wrestling traditions. Then, on July 6, the original Ted DiBiase, The Million Dollar Man, hosted Raw. He told his son he didn't believe he should be following Orton, and that he was going to prove it by defeating Orton that night. Orton had a different view, telling the younger DiBiase he could never beat him, and for that night at least, Orton proved he was mightier. Fast forward to the Elimination Chamber just last month- DiBiase (with help from Rhodes) eliminated Orton.

Since this spilt, amazingly, Orton has become the fan favorite. This makes the outcome tricky, but I think DiBiase and Rhodes will end up overpowering their leader. I think this will make for a better storyline, especially if Orton pulls two new Legacy members from FCW, like Joe Hennig and Brett DiBiase...
(hey, some did think it was odd Hennig wasn't selected as one of the rookies on NXT, perhaps this is why)


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